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Guernsey Image Rights: What are they and who needs them?

27 September 2016 18:00 to 20:00

Evening Talk

LES Members - £32
Non Members - £40

18:00 - Arrival & Registration
18:30 - Talk Commences

Speaker: David Evans, Collas Crill

David is a director of the law firm Collas Crill and is based in their Guernsey office. David will discuss the Guernsey Image Rights regime detailing what the rights are and how they can help clients (famous and not so famous). He will look at: What are image rights? Why Guernsey? Who registers? Where do they fit in with traditional IP rights? What can we do with them?
David has spent the last 10 years actively involved in the IP business. Having spent six years as Head of IP for Specsavers and being the only registered trade mark agent in Guernsey, David has also been closely involved with the new image rights legislation. In addition to his work on image rights, David advises businesses on their IP strategies and portfolio management.
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