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Calendar of Events - Network at Our Friendly Meetings

LES Joint Event with One Nucleus

7 November 2012 18:00 to 21:00

'Business Models to Support Growth of the Sector’

This meeting will be held at and kindly hosted by Charles Russell, 5 Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7RD, UK


There is an enormous volume of literature and information on the changing business models in the life science sector to adapt to the current influences on wealth creation and development of new medicines. These influences include the reported shortage of early stage risk capital, perceived barriers to the uptake of innovative medicines and the expanding geographical base in which emerging companies need to do business in order to succeed.

We are still seeing successes in terms of product development, deal flow and commercialisation of technology, but in an increasingly out-sourced and virtual business world, what are the implications for wider job creation and economic growth for locations such as the UK?

This event will discuss some of the current trends and business models for growth which will all contribute to the success of the sector long term

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