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Non-LES Events

CITMA Designs Seminar 2018

Allen & Overy LLP

19th April 2018

The CITMA Designs Seminar will provide a comprehensive review of UK’s accession to the Hague System and will touch on recent design and copyright cases.

You will hear a UKIPO and a WIPO representative give an introduction to the Hague System and how it is going to operate via the IPO. Simon Bentley from Abel & Imray will then discuss filing strategies from a practitioner’s perspective.

Read more and register here.


CITMA Spring Conference

County Hall London

21st - 23rd March 2018

As countries around the world face increasing challenges to enforce IP on the international stage, CITMA are proud to bring together some of the biggest names in the international trade mark community to discuss the issues.

This year’s headlining event sees three industry heavyweights – Grant Lynds (IPIC President), Richard Baddeley (IPTA President) and Shunji Sato (chair of the International Committee of JTA) – talk counterfeiting in their respective jurisdictions. Expect lively debate as they discuss precluding and deterring such activity.

UKIPO’s criminal division will bring a UK perspective to this year’s conference, enlightening attendees about high-profile news and seizures of branded counterfeits, and how they collaborate with the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

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CITMA Autumn Conference

Hyatt Regency Birmingham

Thursday 12th October 2017

CITMA have secured an exciting range of speakers who will provide you with a comprehensive education on the interaction of social media and intellectual property law. They will also introduce the tools available to practitioners in this context.

It will include a walk-through of the practical steps involved in having infringing content removed from social media platforms, an introduction to the technology that can be used to monitor infringement, a view from the marketing industry, a guide to the law on "memes" and much more!

Read all about it here