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Digital Copyright Exchange gets serious

The Government's commissioned review of IP resulted in the Hargreaves Report. One recommendation related to the setting up of a Digital Copyright Exchange for copyright works. Richard Hooper has been appointed by minister Vince Cable to pursue this proposal.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a central database on which ownership, and licensing opportunities for use, of copyright works could be instantly checked? UK media people could then take their proper place as the world's leading producers and exporters of creative works from Lara Croft-style video games to endless Upstairs Downstairs re-makes. We could then sell off abroad all of our troublesome financial and manufacturing industries (except that we already seem to have done that). It has been announced by the Government that a feasibility study, for the Digital Copyright Exchange, has been set up and comments are being sought from 'stake holders'. Of course we all know that a comprehensive Exchange is not feasible, but LES members welcome anything that aids or promotes licensing. We know it makes sense.