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Kodak boxed in and realises the value of IP

Kodak has filed for bankruptcy but there are hopes that a fire sale of its patents will save the day
The company that popularised the camera - Kodak - has filed for bankruptcy in the USA. Those old enough will recall how they were introduced to the joys of photography by the inexpensive Brownie Box Camera. Those slightly younger will recall the joys of high quality photography with slide and print film in their SLRs and later also in their disposable cameras. Then came digital technology and Kodak's business model, based predominantly on profits from sale and processing of film, failed - as had happened for Polaroid (who introduced the instant film camera) in 2001. The irony is that Kodak was pivotal in the introduction of digital technology. Fortunately they have patents and other IP that is a residual corporate asset of considerable value. That may not be enough to save the day but it does underline the commercial importance of IP assets. LES members know that!!