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Highlights of LES International

Here are some current highlights of LESI.

The national presidents of the different LES societies meet up periodically to discuss and influence global and national issues. Here is a video of our 2010/2012 LES Britain and Ireland president, Mark Wilson, interviewed at the presidents' retreat in California 2011, following the LESI International Management and Delegates Meeting in San Diego.


LESI hosts the Global Technology Impact Forum, an annual event dedicated to the promotion of intellectual property, licensing and technology transfer for the betterment of mankind. Further details here - including the 2012 forum.

Here is a video by the 2011/12 president of LESI (Jim Malackowski), explaining about the international society and promoting the Global Forum.


See further videos here

Another highlight is the annual LES International conference which is hosted by LES ANZ in 2012 (in Auckland). Full details here.