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NewsXchange is the bi-monthly newsletter of LES Britain and Ireland.

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Here are example introductions to articles from the current edition:

Virtual Worlds, Social Networks and Business

Over the past few years Web 2.0 ­ the rise of social networks and virtual worlds ­ or to be honest whatever we choose to describe the new form of the internet, has grown rapidly and has become both a social as well as a business phenomenon. In the early days of the internet, communication was something that took place between one to many whereas now the variety of applications available induce a many to many environment. Our teenagers use social networks and virtual worlds as a means of communicating from many to any...

Robert Bond, Partner, Speechly Bircham LLP

Patent Settlement Agreements in the Pharma Sector

As reported previously in News Exchange, the European Commission’s investigation into the behaviour of companies operating in the pharma sector in the European Union culminated in the publication of a Final Report on 8 July 2009. One particular topic addressed by the Commission was ‘pay for delay’ patent settlement agreements between originator and generic companies. Under these arrangements, an originator company might pay to a generic company a sum of money. In return, the generic company might withdraw any pending legal challenge to the validity of the originator company’s patent and/or agree to remain off the market for a defined period of time...

Dr Duncan Curley, Director, Innovate Legal, London (on behalf of the Laws Committee)